Switchboard Technical Support

Got a question on the electrical standards or need a report? Unsure if your switchboard is unsafe? Trust in the best in the industry to guide you.

With many complex standards to navigate and understand, we are your technical specialists to help find your switchboard and power solutions. This could be to determine if a switchboard is compliant, or what can be done to improve safety.

We can also help with preventative maintenance through thermal imaging or log your power usage across a period of time to determine if you are near your power capacity. Our electrical team spend the time getting to know the your unique power needs and can help maintain and plan for many years to come.

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Carindale, Switchboard Inspection, Overloading Townhouses

Taringa, Switchboard Thermal Inspection, Critical Defect

A townhouse complex sub mains was overloading every 2 weeks for two townhouses causing power loss to both units. We data logged the power consumption discovering that the townhouses were drawing far too much current during peak usage times by 26amps. This resulted in having to upgrade the consumer sub mains to both townhouses which rectified the problem.

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During a thermal imaging preventative maintenance check for a client we discovered a Critical 1 defect where a neutral was overheating due to a loose connection. This was thankfully picked up before it completely failed resulting in a very small power outage for the client whilst the issue was rectified. Had this gone unchecked, this would have eventually failed costing the client both downtime and money.

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Our Process is Simple

At Switchboard Solutions, we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge, and provide these services to our clients. With frequent inspections, audits and testing, we can help with preventive maintenance and reports. The process is simple:

01 Inspection

An onsite inspection by a qualified electrical technician will be conducted first. Simply contact our team with your details and we can have someone promptly attend.

02 Report

A report with the findings for the initial inspection will contain results, findings and recommendations.

03 Discussion

Based on our findings, we discuss your options and the next steps, if required.

04 Scheduling and Maintenance

After a baseline has been established, maintaining compliance and checking for any issues on a regular basis is essential as part of a preventative maintenance plan for your premises. Our team can schedule regular inspections as necessary.

Excellent workmanship, provided efficient and effective service and communicated with us exceptionally well - a highly professional outfit.

As a Body Corporate Manager, having contractors that you can trust and rely upon is vital to meeting the needs of our clients, especially when it comes to major infrastructure such as community switchboards. With the team at Switchboard Solutions, we can feel comfortable and confident when putting them forward for work knowing that the customer experience will be paramount and any work will be completed to the highest standard.

– Samantha, Body Corporate Manager

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