Highrise, Apartments and Unit Block Switchboard Replacements and Upgrades.

Older Switchboards found in High-rises, Apartment Blocks and Unit-Complexes can often be a death trap for occupants and even technicians working on the switchboard.

The older Switchboards are often not fire rated, have damaged circuit protection and can be full of asbestos! This is a liability for a Body Corporate or a Committee and not to mention safety risk.

The necessary steps such as a switchboard upgrade and inspection, should be taken to mitigate the risk of a serious incident. Our company Switchboard Solutions work closely together with Body Corporate Managers, Owners and Committees to determine what’s steps need to be taken to improve electrical safety for the building.

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Switchboard Upgrades & Installs

Install, upgrade or replace your communal switchboards to meet the current safety standards and regulations. Engage in trusted technicians who are there for every step of the process.

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Power Capacity Upgrades

Increase the power capacity to your communal circuits or switchboards to suit the current and future needs of the building.

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Switchboard Technical Support

Have an experienced technician to inspect your communal switchboards and power circuits for defects, noncompliance, unsafe components or general analysis.

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Hamilton Switchboard Upgrade, Body Corporate

New Farm Mains Capacity Upgrade, Switchboard Upgrade and Relocation for 14 Unit Highrise Complex

Riverhills Main Power Upgrade and Switchboard Upgrade, 29 Unit Townhouse Complex

An old and outdated switchboard with essential services such as a lift and fire indication panel was required to be upgraded due to serious defects. A communications provider had installed a comms tower on the building meaning minimal downtime required for the changeover. This switchboard was installed on the adjacent wall due to the size of the new switchboard and custom covers were required to protect the existing cabling at the old switchboard location.

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The whole shebang! Due to modern power demands, the overall power usage at this complex was exceeding it’s maximum power supply causing nuisance tripping. Therefore a consumer mains upgrade was in order. The switchboard was also upgraded and relocated to a suitable location to meet compliance with AS3000:2018. For the consumer mains upgrade, the driveway was cut up for the new cabling to installed. A services locator was also used to ensure no services were damaged during installation. All civil works were co-ordinated by our team, in line with our mission that we take care of it, so you don’t have to!

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The mains power to this townhouse complex was constantly tripping due to overloading as a result of increased power usage at the complex over the last 2 decades. A consumer mains and switchboard upgrade was completed, resulting in an increased power capacity for the complex. Since the upgrade, there have been no further power issues and the occupants are much cooler in summer now as they can use their air conditioners at will!

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With You Every Step of The Process

Project Participants  – whether it be a new switchboard install for a High-rise, an upgrade to an apartment block, relocation or mains power upgrade to for a block of Units; each switchboard project will require communication and management with some or all of the below. Each are just as important as the next, ensuring the successful execution of the project. Switchboard Solutions understand this, and are not just a team of electricians who turn up on the day of installation, but we are there at each part of the process and assist with each participant.

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Excellent workmanship, provided efficient and effective service and communicated with us exceptionally well - a highly professional outfit.

As a Body Corporate Manager, having contractors that you can trust and rely upon is vital to meeting the needs of our clients, especially when it comes to major infrastructure such as community switchboards. With the team at Switchboard Solutions, we can feel comfortable and confident when putting them forward for work knowing that the customer experience will be paramount and any work will be completed to the highest standard.

– Samantha, Body Corporate Manager