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Jay has been an industry leader for over 25 yrs and takes an enormous amount of pride in his work. He is passionate, energetic and loves to give his clients the ultimate customer service experience. But you don’t pull off complex and difficult projects by yourself. He leads an equally passionate team of specialist technicians who have confidence to take on the most complex of switchboards and want to make a difference to people’s lives and the planet through EV charging. It is this high-quality team and experience which can’t be bought, but is built over time.

Why South East Queenslanders choose Switchboard Solutions

One stop. One shop. The name says it all. There are so many complexities involved in a switchboard, EV charger install or power upgrade, so our team make sure things are taken care of, so you don’t have to! Project aspects such as using external contractors for civil works, organising the lift or fire team for shutdowns, or liaising with meter providers to upgrade the electricity meters. Don’t forget the power outage notification to residents or tenants, or making sure the supply authority have been scheduled to shut down the power for the upgrade. The list goes on. From our experience, we know that when you control the process, you control the result.

Our specialist team have been involved in over 120+ large switchboard and power upgrades in the last 4 years alone. This is approximately one upgrade every 2 weeks, which is a staggering amount of upgrades of this size for the electrical industry. You can’t buy that type of experience. Your power infrastructure is critical to modern life, so let the team take care of it, who’ve done it so many times before.

There is nothing more frustrating than a poor experience for such an important job. Due to our extensive experience, our planning and communication is on point. You will know the switchboard or power installation timeline well in advance and have expert help and communication along every step of the way. You will know everything you need to know about the installation, including power shut off times and access requirements. Through our years of experience, our process is tried, tested and perfected.

We Work As A Team

We’ve partnered with Fully Wired Electrical to be able to provide you with a complete EV Charging solution from start to finish. Our partnership allows us to evaluate, install & maintain your EV chargers more efficiently while working with you. From apartments to commercial buildings, both teams will work with you and your space, to provide the best EV Charging solution.

With You Every Step of The Process

Project Participants  – whether it be a new switchboard install, EV charger station install, relocation or mains power upgrade, each switchboard project will require communication and management with some or all of the below. Each are just as important as the next, ensuring the successful execution of the project. Switchboard Solutions understand this, and are not just a team of electricians who turn up on the day of installation, but we are there at each part of the process and assist with each participant.

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Energy Supply

Switchboard solution specialists that delivers a seamless experience

Jay MacGechan
CEO, Switchboard and EV Specialist since 2008
Krista MacGechan
Customer Service and Administration