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We service Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast. Call or use our enquiry form to book a Free Onsite Visit and Quote. Outdated switchboards in a large warehouse or factory can be a huge liability. Switchboard Solutions understand that industrial buildings require special care and consideration when installing, upgrading or replacing a switchboard.

Switchboards need to be able to have enough power capacity to grow as the business grows, be safe and compliant, and all be done quickly with minimal disruption. You will benefit from our expertise and ability to work closely with all trades and suppliers.

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Switchboard Upgrades & Installs

Install, upgrade or replace your communal switchboards to meet the current safety standards and regulations. Engage in trusted technicians who are there for every step of the process.

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Power Capacity Upgrades

Increase the power capacity to your communal circuits or switchboards to suit the current and future needs of the building.

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Switchboard Technical Support

Have an experienced technician to inspect your communal switchboards and power circuits for defects, noncompliance, unsafe components or general analysis.

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Banyo Switchboard Upgrade, Single Occupant Industrial Warehouse

Pinkenba Power Capacity Upgrade, Industrial Warehouse

Whilst onsite for another task, we identified that this switchboard was damaged and unsafe to work on. The switchboard was non-maintainable and if a catastrophic fault eventuated, the complex likely would have been without power for many weeks until a custom switchboard was made and installed. By upgrading the switchboard, the pro-active owners of this building mitigated the risk of failure, therefore protecting their asset and their clients' power needs.

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This client was installing 3 large new machines for his expanding business. Due to constraints within the main switchboard, we opted to install 2 x separate supplies to accommodate the power needs. 1 x 200amp supply and 1 x 160amp was installed with a new switchboard for each supply. Problem solved!

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With You Every Step of The Process

Project Participants  – whether it be a new switchboard install, an upgrade, relocation or mains power upgrade, each switchboard project will require communication and management with some or all of the below. Each are just as important as the next, ensuring the successful execution of the project. Switchboard Solutions understand this, and are not just a team of electricians who turn up on the day of installation, but we are there at each part of the process and assist with each participant.

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Customers & Businesses We've Helped

Excellent workmanship, provided efficient and effective service and communicated with us exceptionally well - a highly professional outfit.

Our business was relocating to a new shed and due to our large energy demand, we had Jay and his team install new power infrastructure throughout the warehouse. This was a complex job that required a meticulous level of detail to allow for current and future energy demands. Jay and his team were outstanding in delivering the project on time, and without issues.

– Scott, Spot Pro Production