Energy Data Logging

Using the data to make decisions

Energy data logging is a fundamental tool for power efficiency and availability. By leveraging the insights gained from monitoring and analysis over a 7 to 14 day period, building managers can enhance power efficiency, reduce electricity costs and make informed decisions relating to electricity usage. Based on the data collected & report provided, owners can assess the overall electrical capacity and identify whether there is a need for infrastructure upgrades to support additional loads.

Energy Data Logging involves the collection and recording of data related to various electrical parameters to monitor and optimize energy usage and improve overall operational efficiency. It also helps determine how much spare capacity you have in your consumer mains circuit. Switchboard Solutions frequently provides energy data logging to our Body Corporate, Commercial and Industrial clients as a way to provide critical information about their infrastructure.

Typical Applications Of Data Logging Include:

  • Conducting a overall energy audit using an advanced electrical measurement tool
  • Decision making tool when investing in new infrastructure eg EV Charger Station or industrial equipment
  • Analysing the loads of a switchboard to assist in the design of an upgrade
  • Comparing energy savings before and after an upgrade or significant change
  • General Power Capacity investigation
  • Helping Identifying power spikes which may be reoccurring


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Data Logging Application Examples:

  • EV Charger Station installation at an apartment block
  • Switchboard Upgrade
  • Power Upgrade
  • Intermittent outages and faults
  • Building-wide air conditioning upgrade or install
  • New machinery installation
  • Replacing appliances with larger, more powerful ones i.e. induction appliances
  • Extension of office space

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The Power Data Logging Process:

Step 1

Our trained electrician will visit onsite and install the Energy Data Loggers on the corresponding circuit to be recorded

Step 2

Data will be collected every 3 minutes, 24hrs a day for the next 7 to 14 days

Step 3

The electrician will return and disconnect the various attachments and remove the data logger

Step 4

Our team will upload the data back at our head office and analyse and summarise the results

Step 5

We provide a detailed report and recommendations, depending on the scope.

Excellent workmanship, provided efficient and effective service and communicated with us exceptionally well - a highly professional outfit.

The old switchboard located in a very small room was constructed in the 70s and was at the end of its life and there were concerns about its safety and potential failure. We obtained a number of quotes from contractors, but contracted with Jay due to his clear communication of the process, his competitive quote and his professionalism.

From the civil works to the manufacturing of the board, to the required activities for the day of the shutdown, all were well communicated which meant that we had minimum disruption to our residents.

Alan Whyte, High Rise Unit Owner

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