Power Assessment Using Energy Data Logging – Apartment Block

More than ever, our Body Corporate Clients and Building Managers alike are seeking our help to gain REAL insight into their power usage and capacity at their apartment buildings and unit blocks using a special measuring device – an energy data logger.

Location: This particular apartment block in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane City, was wanting to know more information around their peak usages and times.

Timeline: The energy data logger recorded over a 14 day period.

Project: This information is to be used in assessing the viability in installing an EV Charging network for their residents.

Result:The committee was provided a summary of results and recommendations. They were provided with how much power capacity remained in their consumer mains and that the project would be viable without major infrastructure upgrades. A detailed report outlined as to what would be needed based on the usage to assist in deciding the most suitable product and solution for the complex.