Your home switchboard - it’s worth the investment!

Modern families require modern power requirements to enable our lives to continue in this technological world. This is why it is so important to have a switchboard that is in safe working order.

The Electrical standards have dramatically changed over the years, resulting in many switchboards which are not compliant with the modern Australian Safety Standards, and therefore fall short of the baseline safety benchmark. Don’t risk it! Let one of our specialised switchboard electricians take a look at your switchboard and give you the right advice to ensure the maximum protection of safety for you and your family.

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Switchboard Upgrades & Installs

Install, upgrade or replace the switchboard at your home to meet the current safety standards and regulations. Engage in trusted technicians who are there for every step of the process.

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Power Capacity Upgrades

Renovating or just finding your switchboard can’t handle your current load requirements? We can help you to increase the power capacity to your house to suit the future needs of your family.

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Switchboard Technical Support

Unsure of your current switchboard safety or have a technical question? Have an experienced technician complete an inspection of your home, and discuss the specific needs of your family to identify areas of safety concerns and what improvements can be made.

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Waverly Residential Switchboard Upgrade

St Lucia Residential Sub Switchboard Upgrade

The homeowner contacted our electrical team due to their existing switchboard no longer meeting the Australian Safety Standards. The Switchboard was unsafe and rejected for a new power connection with Energex. Our team was able to upgrade the old switchboard with new circuit protection, main earthing and ensure compliance to the new codes. Power was fully restored within 24 hours of being contacted by the client.

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As an owner of an apartment in St Lucia, our customer required an upgrade of their sub switchboard, located within their individual unit so they could also add a generator outlet to mitigate their power outages during floods. Our team removed the existing sub switchboard and all existing circuit protection, and installed a new 45 pole enclosure, with all new upgraded circuit protection and 14 safety switches. A Generator outlet was installed, providing the customer with the option of generating power the unit when power to the complex is disrupted. The customer was very happy to have the peace of mind as the last two floods left them without power for almost 14 days.

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With You Every Step of The Process

Project Participants  – whether it be a new switchboard install, an upgrade, relocation or mains power upgrade, each switchboard project will require communication and management with some or all of the below. Each are just as important as the next, ensuring the successful execution of the project. Switchboard Solutions understand this, and are not just a team of electricians who turn up on the day of installation, but we are there at each part of the process and assist with each participant.

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Energy Supply

Customers & Businesses We've Helped

Excellent workmanship, provided efficient and effective service and communicated with us exceptionally well - a highly professional outfit.

We were renovating our home and had no idea on what would need to be involved with upgrading our switchboard. Jay and the team were so professional and helpful in the whole process, especially when dealing with Energex. In the end, we had a large, new and safe switchboard which will last our family for many years!

– M Woodman, Bellbowrie