St Lucia Switchboard Sub Upgrade – Residential

Suburb: St Lucia, QLD 4067
Size: Single Dwelling
Building: Residential Home
Project Cost: $4,500 + GST

As an owner of an apartment in St Lucia, our customer required an upgrade of their sub switchboard, located within their individual unit so they could also add a generator outlet to mitigate their power outages during floods. Our team removed the existing sub switchboard and all existing circuit protection, and installed a new 45 pole enclosure, with all new upgraded circuit protection and 14 safety switches. A Generator outlet was installed, providing the customer with the option of generating power the unit when power to the complex is disrupted. The customer was very happy to have the peace of mind as the last two floods left them without power for almost 14 days.

Switchboard Upgrade: St Lucia, QLD 4067