Three Phase Power and Single Phase Power

The demand on Australian’s power grid continues to grow. Our businesses and homes will require either a three phase power supply, or a single phase power supply, depending on their power consumption needs.

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As a general rule, domestic homes or small businesses usually have single phase power, whereas larger, commercial business which may have specialised machinery or industrial equipment will often need three phase power to be sufficient. However, modern technology and the desire for products which draw a higher power load even at a family home (eg high end induction cooktop, solar system or new heater pool install), may result in the needs to upgrade from a single to three phase power supply.

EV Chargers

For Commercial or Body Corporate EV charging solutions, having a three phase power supply is essential to be able to provide enough power capacity to handle an EV charging network. Without it, only a small amount for electric vehicle could be charged at once.

Home owners may also choose to upgrade to three phase power to maximize charging speed at their home, however it is a case by case basis and the other demands of the home should also be considered. With the right set up, you can enjoy all the benefits of EV ownership while maximizing the efficiency and convenience of charging in your own home or office.

In short, whatever your plans are, our electricians will provide expert advice in what size power supply is required at your premises.

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Determining if you need to upgrade from single phase to three phase power supply:

Whether or not you need to upgrade your switchboard from single to three phase power supply will be determined by your electrician. It may be the result of continuous mains overloading or because you want to install multiple air conditioners or EV chargers to your unit complex or home. Some examples are:

If the power starts tripping at your home or apartment, an electrician should be called to investigate the issue. The electrician will calculate the maximum demand at the property and determine power usage. Once calculated, this will help determine whether increasing the single-phase load (for example, from 40amps to 63amps) or upgrading to a 3-phase power supply is the best and most beneficial option for the household.

A medium to large household (with 4 to 5 bedrooms) running Items such as an electric car charger, a swimming pool with a pool heater and/or spa, induction cooktop, double oven and/or several air­conditioners should consider a 3-phase power supply.

These types of buildings will generally require a 3 phase power supply because the machinery and equipment used will have larger load requirements.

Before committing to buying 3-phase power equipment, an electrician should be contacted for consultation. If required, the electrician will liaise with Energex or Ergon to determine if their electricity network has capacity to provide the extra load required by at the location. This will differ on a case-by-case basis and could be costly, so make sure you get professional advice first.

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