Personal vs Public EV Chargers

Is it better to charge my EV at home or at a public charger?

Simply put, when you are using an EV for work or pleasure, you are going to need to have access to charging stations at both home and around town. If you don’t have a home charge, you are going to need to constantly be relying on charge stations around you. Excessive use of DC fast charging is not good for your battery so ideally you need to use it sparingly.

Home EV Charging of a new Tesla Car in Chapel Hill, Brisbane.

The Costs of Charging

The cost of electricity at an average home in Australia in approximately .34c per Kilowatt hour

To completely recharge an EV at a home charging station, it would expect to take approximately $15-$50 each time. Given the cost of fuel these days you could say this is refreshingly cheap!!

As we all know, electricity prices have increased steadily over the past few years. However, oil prices have also skyrocketed and can fluctuate in price very easily. Installing a personal EV charger at home or a communal charging station at your apartment building only makes sense and saves you cents.

Public EV chargers can be very economical too. Being able to “tap and go” while at the shops or office means you can often get access to a fast level of charger and the price is reasonable. Below is a guide on what you can expect to pay at some public electric car charging stations in Australia.

Public EV Charger Close Up


Average cost of public electric car charging in Australia

Charging provider Cost
Chargefox 0-30c/kWh for standard AC chargers (up to 22kW)
40c/kWh for rapid DC chargers (up to 50kW)
60c/kWh for ultra rapid DC chargers (up to 350kW)
Tesla Free for Destination AC chargers (up to 22kW)
63c/kWh for Superchargers (120kW or 250kW)
Evie 40c/kWh for fast DC charging (up to 50kW)
60c/kWh for ultra-fast DC charging (up to 350kW)
Jolt Free for the first 7kWh
42c/kWh for fast DC chargers (25kW)
NRMA Free for rapid DC chargers (up to 50kW)


Convenience Matters

In this fast-paced world we live in, convenience matters and time is like gold! Having the convenience of an EV Charging station at your house or work is second to none. If you are in an apartment block or part of a bodies corporate scheme, it would be wise to consider your options now before mass adoption of in-house charging networks. Soon enough, there will be long wait times and product delays for an installation as other communities look to adopt networks into their schemes.